Open Windows

Windows have always fascinated me. They let me feel the sun but not the burn. They let me extend my ...
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They say, build bridges, not walls. They also say, know which bridges to burn and which ones to cross. No ...
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The Peninsula in Markermeer: Marken (A fishing Village near Amsterdam)

Marken is considered a tourist attraction for its characteristic wooden houses. People built their houses on “werven”, artificial knolls, until the ...
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Guadeloupe: Island above the winds. (Part-3)

Hi guys! I am back with the last part of my blog on my trip to Guadeloupe. Here is a ...
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Guadeloupe: The island above the winds. (Part-2)

Hi guys, I am back with the 2nd part of my blog on island Guadeloupe! Hope you all enjoy going ...
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Volendam (A town in Netherlands): An Artist’s recluse.

Volendam is a day trip from Amsterdam, just like Zaanse Schanz. It is a small fishing town, situated in Northern ...
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Guadeloupe: The island above the winds. (Part-1)

For only 370 € it goes from Paris to the Caribbean with the airline “” to check directly on how ...
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Zaanse Schanz: The Land of Historic Windmills

Zaanse Schanz is a major tourist attraction in Netherlands. It is a one day trip from Amsterdam and is totally ...
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A Trip to Amsterdam: The city that belongs to the Youth!

So how was Amsterdam? That is a question, I keep getting asked. How wonderful is it to go to a ...
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Brugge: A Marvel of the Past

We have all fantasized about how life would be if we belonged to some other time period. When I visited ...
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  • I had the privilege of listening to this amazing Cello performer in front of Pantheon in Rome few months back. This guy was so charismatic with his rustic face and long hair. A fantastic performer.
In fact, wherever I travel, I have met some fantastic street musicians. Being amusician myself, I always try to support them as it is incredibly difficult to make a living as a musician. I have tremendous respect for these folks.

Do you like street musicians?
  • Milos is a hidden gem in Greece. I took a day trip from Santorini but I would recommend staying a few days there. It is not as commercial as Santorini yet it has its own charm. This shot was taken in a must see location- Sarakiniko Beach.

Have a wonderful weekend friends 😊

Who has been there?
  • I always been attracted to windmills since I was a kid. Obviously the first country that we associate windmills with is Netherlands. No trip to this wonderful country would be complete without visiting Zaanse Schans. This is a small village  of Zaandam, near Zaandijk in the Netherlands where there are a collection of well-preserved historic windmills and houses. 
Since I went there in the middle of the day, I thought it was best to take a bnw shot which brought out the right mood.

What do you think?

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  • Johnston Canyon is a must visit hike in Banff National Park. It is a fairly easy hike along a relatively smooth trail which makes it ideal for families and people of all ages. This waterfall in on the way to the upper Johnston Falls.

What is your favorite hike?

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  • Gayla Wetz / May 3, 2018:
    Raj is one of the BEST photographers I have ever seen. His artistic eye is like no other. I went on multiple workshops with him... »
  • Celine / March 27, 2017:
    Your site is very well made, really readable. Your photos mâle me travel. Very wellThank you »
  • Roshmi Dalal / January 11, 2017:
    Amazing photographer!! Did an excellent job of my Yoga photo shoot. Captured every detail, including background, lighting, expression with perfection. Thank you for such a... »
  • Sunny / January 6, 2017:
    I follow you on Instagram, Mr. Raj Bose, and I spent at least a couple of hours viewing and reading some of your fantastic photo... »
  • Tara Beam / December 29, 2016:
    High quality photos, but much more than that. Photographs don't come easy, there is patience involved and a lot of the shots displayed you can... »